What is a Funeral?

What is a Funeral?

A funeral service can mean different things to different people. Some fall back on what is commonly called a "traditional funeral" with a structured ceremony, while others see an end-of-life commemorative service where the life of the deceased is celebrated. Some associate a funeral as being a religious ceremony, such as a Catholic funeral, while others see it as a more secular ceremony. Regardless of the type of service, the purpose of any type of funeral is to provide mourners, both family and friends, with a collective grieving experience. Serving as a rite of passage, the funeral services are a way to help find closure and start the period of bereavement.

At Vescio Funeral Homes we strive to provide each family with the funeral service that meets their, and their faith’s, needs. Our professional and knowledgeable team of funeral home staff work with each family to create a funeral service that properly honors your loved one’s memory. Whether you desire a traditional full catholic funeral service or a celebration of life service, we are certain that we can meet your family’s needs with the highest level of service and care.

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What Makes a Funeral?

Traditionally, a funeral service consists of three activities: the visitation, the funeral service and the committal service. The first event, the visitation, happens prior to the funeral service and serves as a time for people to provide support to the family and pay respects to the deceased. The funeral service consists of a ceremony, led by an officiant, and follows an order of service, usually determined by the type of funeral service. Catholic funerals, for instance, consist of a funeral mass and service including hymns, Holy Communion, and readings; and is presided over by a priest. Lastly, the committal service, also known as a graveside service, includes a procession to the final resting place where final words or prayers are said. Sometimes a reception may also be held, where family and friends gather in a more informal setting to reminisce and share memories about the deceased.

Funerals in Toronto

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For families looking for information on types of funerals in Toronto, this can mean a wide variety of things. As a multi-cultural community, each religious and cultural group, as well as each individual family, has their own idea of what a meaningful funeral is, so you will see funeral services take on a variety of forms. Today, end-of-life services range from traditional funeral services to memorial services, such as celebration of life services. If you would like to follow the funeral rites of a particular religion and do not have someone to guide you, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you in finding helpful resources and planning a funeral service that meets your needs.

Should you have any questions about the Catholic funerals or other traditional services that we at Vescio Funerals Toronto have to offer, we invite you to give us a call at 905-850-3332. One of our compassionate and knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
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