Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional Funerals in Toronto

The Basics

Traditional funerals in Toronto include:

This is often called a viewing or a wake. Guests come to pay their respects to the deceased by viewing their casketed body and spending time with the grieving family. A visitation can occur at any time before the funeral service.

Funeral Service
This event commonly takes place at the funeral home, a church, or at the graveside. It can include music, the reading of literary or religious passages, a eulogy, prayer, and the singing of hymns.

Committal Service
If the family plans to bury the deceased, this stage involves the vehicle procession to the cemetery.

Funeral Reception
Many choose to host this post-service gathering (or repast) at a reception hall. This is considered a time to share memories, laughter, and support.

    A funeral service, whether traditional or more modern (memorial service or celebration-of-life), has two functions: to acknowledge the death and lifetime achievements of an individual and to bring grieving family members and friends together in support of one another during this difficult time.

    Items to Prepare

    • Clothing (undergarments, shoes, jewellery, etc.)
    • A color photo for the prayer card (will be airbrushed)
    • Social Insurance Number, Health Card Number, Marriage Certificate
    • 50 pictures for a DVD Collage
    • Loose pictures for the magnet board
    • Framed Pictures for Display
    • Pall Bearers
    • Readers for the Mass
    • Words of Remembrance
    • Number of Limos required
    • Pick up & drop off points for the funeral morning
    • Post Funeral Reception
    • Catering
    • Floral Tributes
    • Choice of Charity
    • Service Language

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