How to Plan a Burial Service

Planning a Burial Service

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Toronto Burial Services - Helping You Plan

When it comes time to make final care arrangements on behalf of a deceased family member you may be surprised to learn of the benefits of well-crafted burial services. During the arrangement conference with one of our experienced funeral directors you'll have the opportunity to discuss the features and benefits of funeral burial planning & graveside services, and look at the top four reasons why families choose this option:

1. Simplicity
Many people today strive for greater simplicity in their lives; a natural, uncluttered, uncomplicated life. This is a desire which is nothing new to the human heart. With a focus on what is most important, the simplicity of graveside services does just that.

2. The Natural Setting
What better place to celebrate the life of a loved one than under the open sky, beneath trees, or beside beautiful flowers. No matter the type of cemetery that your loved one's burial services is held at, the emotional and spiritual comforts of the natural surroundings will be felt.

3. Religious Requirements
There are profound religious reasons families choose burial plan over any other final care service option. For example, the Christian concept of resurrection of the body is deeply held by many and makes burial an act of religious ceremony.

4. The Importance of Witnessing
As mentioned earlier, human societies of all times and in all places have incorporated burial into their cultural or religious practices. This long-lived social relationship with burial has resulted in a core belief shared among peoples around the globe: burial is an act of respect, made most meaningful when witnessed.   

What's Involved in Planning a Burial Service in Toronto

Let's look at what's involved in planning a burial service; we've broken down the discussion into three areas-of-concern:

  1. The selection of cemetery and burial property
  2. Choosing a casket and burial vault
  3. Planning the details of the graveside service

Selection of Cemetery and Burial Property

There may be families where the deceased loved one may have already chosen and purchased a burial plot or mausoleum crypt.  If this is the case, documents proving ownership of burial rights are required when making the funeral arrangements.

If there is no such pre-plan in place, then you will need to choose a cemetery and select the burial property as part of the arrangements.  Since the purchase of a cemetery property is not a commonly made transaction, we have provided you with information to assist with the process:

  • When you purchase a cemetery property, such as a burial plot or mausoleum crypt, you are actually buying the right to inter (or bury) an individual (or individuals) in that location. The property you now have the rights over remains the property (and the responsibility) of the cemetery administration.
  • A stated portion of the money you pay for these interment rights will be contributed to an irrevocable fund used in the on-going care of the cemetery grounds.
  • The burial plan, as well as any future commemorative visits you make to the location will be subject to the specific by-laws as written by the cemetery administration.
  • Just like when you buy a house, the cost of burial property rights range widely in price, depending on the exact location of the plot or crypt. If you have time, you can certainly find resale "deals" on cemetery property; but if you're not shopping far in advance of need, this may not be of help to you.
  • There are also other costs involved with the burial of a loved one, such as the fees charged by the cemetery for the "opening and closing" of the site, the headstone or grave marker and its installation, and the purchase of a casket and burial vault.

    Because we have strong working relationships with local cemetery administrators, we can help you with this part of the process. Please call us at 905-850-3332 for assistance.

    Choosing a Casket and Vault

    You will typically read that the casket is the single most expensive purchase you'll need to make during this time. And while there are many options ranging in prices, we can certainly help you select the casket that best suits your budget.  Here at Vescio Funeral Home, we offer a wide selection of caskets and burial vaults for you to choose from, and we work closely with all families to ensure the cost of your loved one's service is kept within your family's budget.

    The cost of the casket is based largely on the type of casket selected.  Your options include:
    1. Fine hardwood including  walnut, cherry, maple, oak, pine and other types of wood.
    2. Metal caskets which vary in thicknesses and come in a wide array of finishes.
    toronto burial services casket

    Rather than have you make a rushed decision, we encourage you to turn to our knowledgeable funeral directors for guidance and assistance. Please call us at 905-850-3332.

    Planning the Details of the Graveside Service

    planning a burial graveyard
    These details depend on various components including religious faith and/or emotional needs.  With this said, Vescio Funeral Home will come to planning process with no limitations so as to guide you through your expectations and provide you with the burial service you expect.
    Together we'll determine the best date and time for the burial service in Toronto, and the most meaningful readings and songs to be featured. We will also discuss who you would like to have lead the service; it could a member of the clergy, a celebrant, family member, or close friend.

    The selection of the cemetery and burial plot are practical decisions, however planning the service is where the heart can take over. Your funeral director remain with you for as long as it takes to help you -- he or she will explore your loved one's life so you may find the essence of who they were, all in the effort to craft the most memorable burial service.

    We're Here to Help with Your Toronto Burial Services

    The professional funeral directors at Vescio Funeral Home listen attentively and understand the feelings each family is experiencing.  When you call us at 905-850-3332 for assistance in making the necessary arrangements for a graveside service, you'll discover the value of having our experienced and compassionate funeral directors assisting you during this very difficult time.


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