Estimate Funeral Costs in Toronto

Estimate Funeral Costs in Toronto

When you are trying to calculate the total or average cost of a funeral there are a few items to consider. What type of funeral are you looking to have for you loved one? Would you like to have a “traditional” type funeral where there is public or private visitation, a formal or informal service, and a public gathering of friends and family with the loved one present?

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Or would you rather have a private service with only immediate family? Perhaps a private cremation or private graveside service would be easier to handle and would create a meaningfully intimate farewell.

Would you like to say goodbye after sometime has passed? Perhaps have a cremation first and hold a celebration in memory of the loved one later where friends and family can share fond stories and memories maybe a few cocktails.

Either way Vescio Funeral Homes can customize a funeral to surpass your family’s expectations. We welcome any ideas that you have and are here to walk you through the funeral process, whatever you wish it to be.

When you choose Vescio Funeral Homes to be part of your family, know with confidence that we have done the homework for you. We offer the best service at a very competitive rate. Both of our locations have full price lists readily available for your review and licencsed funeral directors on stand by to assist with your selections. All of our pricing is upfront, honest and fair. We are knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate and truly believe that families deserve the best when it comes to service and products for the ones they love, regardless of the price.

We guarantee that we are able to meet any budget that a family may have while maintaining an excellent level of service, professionalism, and dignity. Quality service is something that everyone deserves.

We invite you to compare our staff, facilities, and price to any other local funeral establishments.  Get all of the facts or let us point them out. We are confident that your selection will be “Vescio” every time.

What's Involved - Funeral Costs in Toronto

Costs calculations are simple and can be broken down into steps as follows:

Decide on a Service Type.

The ones we offer can be customized to meet all of your needs but generally your family will start in one of these categories.

1. Traditional
2. Same Day
3. Memorial
4. Transfer

Select Merchandise and Personalization.

This is where your ideas will shine. At Vescio Funeral Homes we have the ability to customize everything. There is nothing we haven’t heard of or done in the past. Products and Stationery selection fall into this step.

1. Casket or Container
2. Urn or Vault
3. Stationary
4. Floral Tributes
5. Dove Tributes
6. Catering
7. Reception or Gathering Space


Lastly depending on the previous selections, your family may or may not need some of the following Disbursements. These are items that the funeral home will organize, and pay for, on your behalf. Vescio Funeral Home does not make any profit or commission from Disbursements. They range in cost as follows:

1. Clergy or Church or Minister Honorariums range from 
$100 - $450

2. Organist or Soloist for during the service range from 
$100 - $250

3. City Death Registration: City of Toronto 
$50  / City of Vaughan  $36

4. Three Police Escorts: City of Toronto 
$1,175.45  / City of Vaughan  $1,750.54

5. Toronto Star Death Notices are billed according to length but generally range at about  $500  per day

6. Musicians: We often have requests to book Trumpeters, Vocalists, Pianists, Violinists, and Flutists who will bill us according to the length of time they are playing or singing. Costs range from 
$50 - $400

Of course, the last thing to remember is the inevitable HST that will be added to the cost. 

Please remember that funeral costs are what you make them. Our licensed directors are here to assist you and guide you along the way. All of our prices are well researched, honest and guaranteed. If you would like to receive a quote from the Woodbridge location, please call 905-850-3332. If you are interested in the Toronto location, Please Call 416-656-3332.

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